This is a rare Christian book endorsed by important Pastors, Christian leaders that every person must read on the affirming details on building a relationship with God and how to know and discern God’s voice. Among her experiences, the author drew closer to her Christian group associates and that teaching experiences on the Word of God add sparkling messages to the content of the book. This is a blessing on understanding when one listen to God’s words. God communicates to people through the Bible in a group teaching and the listening people receive the spiritual blessing of the word to apply in their lives on how to hear God’s voice. Like a compass, the book directs the readers on how to talk to God anytime, anywhere and about anything. Prayer is done in an individual manner or corporate method of building faith and the book has a vast prayer guide. Why wait? Go to the click button and buy the book now.-Life changes, U.S.A

This book reads like a loyal, mature, Christian friend offering me advice and guidance over coffee. Rinda offers many compelling reasons and arguments that God wants to speak to us and that He can do so in many ways. This book is for the many Christians who ever doubted that they were worthy or holy enough to hear from God. It is also for those who have tried but given up because “God was silent no matter how hard I tried”. Or for those who have been misguided that God only spoke in the OT and NT times and speaks to modern Christians only through the Bible. Then this book provides numerous scriptures and accounts to debunk these myths. This book is easy to read and practical, scripture-based and well organized. I enjoyed the activation exercises at the end of the chapter, and have begun to look forward to seeing and hearing from God in new ways! – ETang, Australlia

What a wonderful book Rinda Ho has written! This book is filled with information, personal stories, Scripture and practical “activation exercises” to apply the teaching Rinda has given. At the end of the book, the personal testimonies of those who have applied Rinda’s teaching show just how life changing they are. This book is very detailed and thorough. It is an amazing adventure to learn to hear God’s voice (and to also know why He is sometimes silent) and Rinda’s book is a must read on how to do just that. I look forward to reading more books from this excellent author. –– Meredith Swift, Australia (author: “Hearing His voice”; “New age to new creation”; “Heart for Women”)

This is a very down to earth writing with searches and experiences with God’s speaking to me. Hearing God’s voice can be mind-goggling. Our mind tends to question whether the voices that we heard in our hearts are from God or from our own imagination. Rinda has provided so many answers to my many questions and it has placed me at rest when I hear God speaking to me again. Very informative and practical approach. –Barry Lee, Canada

This is a detailed book on how to hear the voice of God. The author systematically takes you through the hurdles or reasons one thinks you might have and think God doesn’t speak to you. Scripture and testimonies fill this book. It draws you to explore truly and helps you to understand and hear the voice of God. -Anita Mathew Oommen, U.S.A (author:” Picking up the shards”

Amazing Adventures is a unique entry in the spirituality genre. It is different in that it opens up the reader to the idea that you do not have to do anything rigorous to hear god’s voice, if you are open to it, you will hear it in all its connotations and permutations. –-Susan Jagannath, Australia (author: “Chasing Himalayan Dreams”; ” The Camino Ingles”; “The valley of flowers”)

This is a deep and engaging book with some very powerful lessons that go beyond the Christian message. As a transformational life coach, I can see the huge benefit Ho’s book can bring to readers by allowing us to tap into our true potential.-A. Vogel, U.S.A.

I don’t typically read books about God, not because I don’t believe, but because I haven’t made it a priority. I hesitantly started reading this book and as I made my way through the first 2 chapters, I really started reflecting on my faith, my purpose, and my everyday relationship with God. The author breaks down our excuses, without judgment, and offers practical, biblical advice for strengthening our faith and ability to hear God. I have only implemented a few things, though already I can feel a shift. I’m praying more often. I’m more reflective of how I plan my day- am I doing this on my own or aided by God’s plan for me. I’m more receptive to listening for God’s voice- and it’s amazing for me to realize that it’s always been there. I start my day in prayer and am open to how my life can best be used to serve others. I’m grateful for Rinda’s work. If you feel like there’s something missing in your life, or in your faith, then you need this book. – Jen, U.S.A

This book” Amazing adventures in hearing God’s voice…….” is an outstanding book that cries to be read and put into practice by all believers. The writer adroitly combines her personal testimonies and those of others who have done and seen amazing things in their lives as they learned to listen and obey God’s voice as a way of life.

This is a comprehensive resource that addresses the topic from the beginning to the end, answering questions such as why it’s important to hear God’s voice, the many avenues through which God speaks to us, and hindrances to hearing His voice. The book establishes that the foundation to hearing God’s voice is relationship building and the hearing becomes a natural by-product of this beautiful relationship with God as our Creator and Father.-I highly recommend this book. –– Joyce Addo Atuah (author: “The Power of Thanksgiving”)

“Amazing Adventures In Hearing God’s Voice” is a very well-written and thorough approach to drawing closer to God, and having that intimate conversation we all long for, but can’t always seem to find. The author has a very systematic approach to this, answering the Why, Who, When What, Where and How questions. She addresses topics such as, “why would God want to speak to me?”, “Why do I need to hear from God?”, the importance of an intimate relationship and how we can achieve it. She also addresses the roadblocks we create to avoid that intimate relationship and many others. My personal favorite chapter was #6, How Does God Speak to You” as I often wrestle with discerning God’s voice, or my own! Scriptures are weaved seamlessly into the text, giving many examples and illustrations of her point. That is a Bible study in itself! She wraps up her book by answering the all-important, “Now, what do I do?” question, addressing her frustration that she had felt in her own personal struggles in hearing God’s voice. An excellent resource and I look forward to really diving in and drawing closer to God every day! –-Debbie Bedson, U.S.A

I loved reading through this book! I learnt so much about listening to God and also found a lot of freedom in how Rinda explained it. She gives a biblical picture of a God who is deeply relational and loving. This replaces the legalistic and judgmental God I learnt about growing up. So I’m finding freedom in being able to come to Him just as I am, even when I’m having a bad week (as in, I’m not spending much time with Him, I’m yelling at the kids etc) and finding His love awaiting me, giving me the grace to change. Love the stories, and also how the times when we can’t hear God are covered with some practicals on what to do in those times. –Eudora Hammer, Australia


“The prophetic is something greatly neglected and yet critically needed in our churches today. Scripture clearly teaches us that everyone should prophesy. However, fear of abuse and the lack of proper teaching in this area of the church life have created a big, empty vacuum in our churches and in the lives of many believers. This book could be the answer you have been needing. It is a wonderfully simple, Biblically accurate,profoundly encouraging, and Christ-honouring tool to help guide you and others into a new intimate walk with the Lord.
I love the fact that it is an easy and practical reading. It shows how hearing from God is not complicated. It is easy because God desires to speak to those who are listening. All the mystic is blown away and the true reality of God’s voice and presence becomes real to you personally. Rinda has provided very helpful activation exercises at the end of each chapter. Step by step you will make progress into a new level of hearing accurately from God. Another important aspect of this incredible book is the fact that it is based on Scripture. Rinda is always pointing the readers to Jesus and His love and desire to be an intimate part of their daily lives, not just in church, but in every area of their lives, family or business.
As a pastor who does a lot of training and consultation in churches all around the world, I find this book a definite”must-have, must-read, must use” book for every believer. I encourage pastors to buy and give this book to every member of their church. Ask God for a trained and anointed leader, establish your protocols, and get this ministry activated in your church. This book is a practical and powerful resource for training a new prophetic generation. God knew we needed it. —Reverend Dr.Naomi Dowdy Pastor, Trainer, Consultant, Author.  Founder Chancellor, Theological Centre of Asia (TCA) College, Singapore Former Senior Pastor, Trinity Christian Centre,Singapore

“The book is an easy read and I love the practical way in which it has been written. Thank you for simplifying the process of hearing God’s voice. You have helped remove years of complexity that fear and ignorance has built up.  The activities at the end of each chapter assist the reader to apply what was learned so that knowledge becomes a heart experience. I also love the way you present a well-balanced account of Scripture. I believe this book will certainly help many people draw closer to the Lord. A greater level of intimacy awaits the reader.” —Joel Chelliah, Senior Pastor, Centrepoint Church (Perth, Western Australia); State President of the Assemblies of God in Australia; National Director of Harvestnet Australia

“My sheep listen to My voice; I know them, and they follow Me (John 10:27). God is a communicative God who speaks to us all the time. The issue is whether we know how to tune in. Drawing from years of personal experience, this book is a practical and powerful resource for every Christian who desires to recognize and follow God’s voice. Experience a new level of intimacy with God as you remove every hindrance, activate your spiritual senses, and converse with Him like never before. Dare to believe that your faith life will never be the same again!” —Reverend Dominic Yeo, General Superintendent, The Assemblies of God of Singapore. Lead Pastor, Trinity Christian Centre (Singapore)

“Rinda has successfully given a well-researched and comprehensive topic of how to hear from God with practical applications and testimonies. A very helpful book for the novice and those who have a deeper desire to want to hear from God.  You will be blessed and encouraged when you read this book.” —Pastors David & Jacey Lee, Founders and Directors of the House of Shalom ministry (England)

“God wants to speak to His people and to guide and fill them with great joy. However, they tend to forget how to listen to Him and for that, this book is the answer. Enjoy reading this book as well as discovering the amazing adventures of hearing God’s voice that will guide and bring great enjoyment in your journey of life.” —Nynto Piojo, Senior Pastor, Voice of Truth (Iloilo, Philippines)

“Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was able to establish His Kingdom on this earth 2000 years ago only because He was constantly seeking and hearing the voice of the Father. ‘I can of Myself do nothing. As I hear, I perform’ (John 5:30). God can do greater wonders through you even as you grow to hear His voice every day. It’s not a choice. It’s a lifestyle of those who follow Him. This book will equip you to hear His voice.”–Evangelist Kiran Murali, Jesus is Alive Ministries (Chennai, India)

“The reader will be updated and upgraded beyond your imagination in your prophetic walk as you read this book. The reader will fulfill their prophetic destiny as they let God activate their supernatural senses. You will soar high like an eagle beyond your boundary.” –Pastor Philip Ng, God is Good Church (Iloilo, Philippines)

“Fresh perspectives keep popping up at every page. The more you read the more you grow to know the Lord’s love for you.  You’ll want to try out the activation exercises; it’s so easy to hear from our Heavenly Father. Being prophetic is not for the elite, it’s for the ordinary believer. Every myth demystified.” —Sabrina Chow, Senior Pastor, Risen Christian Assembly (Singapore)

This book is a testimony to the rich gems that have been Rinda’s experience in waking up in the early hours to incline her ears to hear what the Lord has for her each day. I am sure this book will encourage many of you to purposefully set aside more time for worship and prayer so that you too may hear these words of the Lord, ‘Whether you turn to the right or the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it’ (Isaiah 30:21).” –Lim Cheng Lai, Founding Pastor, Faith Community Church (Perth, Western Australia)

“This book makes hearing God’s voice simple and doable for anyone who desires intimacy with God. Rinda writes from her own adventure in learning to hear from God. In a simple manner, she articulates her Bible-based beliefs about hearing God’s voice today and some hindrances that may be encountered. Christians stepping into the adventure of hearing God’s voice will find the activation exercises at the end of each chapter helpful.” –Reverend Anita Chia, Assembly of God minister (Singapore)

“This is an insightful and practical book for anyone desiring to hear God’s voice speaking to them daily and yet in a natural way without fear that it would deviate from God’s word, plans, and will. I particularly enjoyed the simple way in which each step is conveyed and all the time pointing to Christ and His glory as the ultimate goal of hearing God.” –Thomas Lim, Missions Pastor, Agape Baptist Church (Singapore)

“”This book will inspire you and cause you to really know Him and His wonderful and yet simple unique ways He relates to you. This is a must-read if you are looking for answers on this topic. You will be graced by the Father, leading you gently and intimately in union with Him. I can confidently say you will hear His Voice and converse with Papa at rest and ease through this book. —Esther Madeline Yan-Teo, Founder, Kingdom Glory International, Co-Pastor, Church of Living Water; (Perth, Western Australia)

“This book gives the answers and solution to many queries on how to listen to and communicate with God, believers and unbelievers alike, for God desires that all will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. It is simple and easy to follow and understand and very practical. It is Biblically sound, and it edifies, encourages, and comforts. As iron sharpens iron, so this book will help you sharpen your spiritual senses and make you sensitive to the things of God. It will help you to strategically walk in the supernatural as sons of God led by God’s Spirit to fulfil His Divine purpose in your generation. I highly recommend this book as a manual for prophetic students of this generation.” —Pastor Ruben Pamplona, God is GoodChurch (Iloilo, Philippines)