Free resources to help you in your journey in hearing god’s voice

Your free ebook that answers 10 common questions that you may ask about hearing God’s voice


There are many questions that people have asked about hearing God’s voice. However, not many people are able to answer these questions. Furthermore, not many pastors preach about this particular topic and when you become a Christian, it is expected that you would know how to read the Bible, hear His voice and pray.

This is an added resource for those who have finished reading my book, “Amazing adventures in hearing Gods voice” and have further  questions to ask about this topic. 

I am keen to hear from you if there are further questions that you wanted to ask about hearing God’s voice.

In fact, I will be conducting a webinar soon on “How  to hear God’s voice.” You are welcome to subscribe to it when it is launched.

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Amazing Adventures in hearing God’s voice workbook

Use this workbook to write down what God is saying to you

This is a bonus workbook for you to use when you do the activation exercises. Write down what the Heavenly Father is saying to you about every area of your life.  There are also extra blank pages for you to write down your own questions that you want to ask your heavenly Father. 

Enjoy intimate conversations with your Creator and heavenly Father.

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