Creating my website using WordPress by myself

This is my second post. I am learning a new skill in creating my own website. I am learning WP to do this. It has not been the easiest journey but with persistence, I am sure that I will become competent in using this

EVery new skill require practice

Every new skill we learn is difficult at first but once we keep on practicing, we become better and better and it becomes second nature. Though we always hear people say, “You cannot teach an old dog new tricks.”, I believe that whatever age we are, we can learn new things. It just requires patience and perseverance.

“You never know how high and how far you can fly until you spread your wings”

It is easier when someone shows you how to do something new

Sometimes you may not have someone to take you by the hand to show you how to do something new, You can get pay someone to do it for you, However, if you do this, you will never learn how to do it yourself. So to create this WordPress website, I go to Google and YouTube to find how to create a website.

Was it easy ? No way. Did I learn lots along the way ? I sure did.. Now I do not need someone to make changes for me when I need to make changes. Though the process of learning may take longer, however what I have learned can never be taken away from me. There is also the sense of pride to be able to do something that I have no idea to do so completely. I believe that I will get more and more competent as I learn how to do this.

Join me in exciting journeys in learning new things that has helped me to promote my book as well as in the prophetic. Do send me an email if you are encouraged by the post and if you are on the same journey so that we can mutually cheer each other on for the glory of our heavenly Father.

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