An adventure in using Zoom to conduct training on hearing God’s voice

I have never use Zoom or any other platform before to conduct training on hearing God’s voice. I have always conducted face to face training. With the Covid19 pandemic, I was invited to conduct a training for church in Singapore. This church, RCA has always invited me to teach when I am back in Singapore. However, due to travel restriction, I was invited to do a zoom training instead. The scary thing is that I have never used Zoom before. However, God in His mercy and grace connected me with previous students who have attended my course to volunteer as my “guinea pigs” for me to use Zoom in training them. I did this for 4 weeks and by the time I was conducting the training for Singapore, at least I was able to do so with some confidence.

At the Zoom training, I was connected with a lady who in turn bought 30 of my books and was instrumental in introducing 300 people to attend my 3 zoom training on hearing God’s voice, how to give and receive prophetic word and how to ask God’s assignment for 2021. Not only that, God has also moved her heart to sponsor me for 1 year of zoom subscription which gave me the opportunity to run the training as long as I wanted, instead of just for free for 45 minutes.

In my wildest dream. I would not be able to imagine that I would be conducting zoom training for 300 people over a period of 2 months. The number of like-minded Christians that I have met is indeed encouraging and humbling for me. God has caused me to find favour with them.

This blog is to encourage you that when you do what God has asked you to do, He will divinely connect you with people who need you to help them. He will also connect you to people who can help you in the assignment that He has given you. Take the step faith and take the first step and you will be surprised at what doors He will open. However it require us to take the first step first.

I am looking forward to see what other doors will open so that I can be used as a channel to promote the message that God loves His children and He loves to communicate with them.

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