about rinda ho

How it all started

I am a lover of Christ, having experienced His love when I was 15 years old. After 47 years of being in love with the Holy Trinity, my life mission is to let everyone that I met know that the heavenly Father is interested in them and longs to communicate with them.


I am a marketplace Christian who is a food technologist by profession. God in His favor and love for me has opened doors for me to go to different church groups to activate more than 1000 of His children (young, old, new and matured Christians and even non-Christians) to hear His voice for themselves and for someone else. The hands-on training is conducted in a relaxed atmosphere so that within an hour or so, attendees are able to hear God speak to them using their five spiritual senses. They leave the training with their own prophetic word from the Lord as well as bless another person with a prophetic word. The results clearly debunk the myth that it depends on our spirituality and holiness in order to hear from God.

Teaching home group from Kingdom City on hearing God’s voice
Teaching inter-generational family on hearing God’s voice
Teaching how to hear God’s voice in a seminar in Singapore


Five years ago, God has commissioned me to write the book, “Amazing adventures in hearing God’s voice.” The title was even given by God. This is to enable the heavenly Father’s message of how effortless it is to communicate with Him to reach many people in many nations.


How can I write a book when I have no idea how? Isn’t writing a book meant for someone who is famous? How about my writing skills? Though English is my first language in school, writing something that anyone can read and critique is too scary for me. So what I did, was that I find all sort of excuses NOT to write the book. I tell myself, “Maybe I was in distress due to the job loss so maybe, just maybe I have heard God wrongly.” However, each year as I ask God what He wants me to do for the coming year, He says so gently to me, “Remember, Rinda  I want you to write a book.”

It decided to join a self publishing school to at least know what I am supposed to do to embark on this scary but also exciting adventure of writing a book as I have absolutely no idea where to begin (maybe that was the reason why  I keep on delaying writing the book because I have no idea how to publish the book even if I have finished writing it.)

However, there were still so many gaps in my learning  even after going through the self publishing school.  My self confidence in my capability to write a book was like a roller coaster or a yo-yo. I always question myself on why someone would buy a spiritual book written by someone who is not in full time Christian ministry.  Sometimes I feel that maybe, just maybe by God’s grace I may be able to do it. However sometimes,  I reach rock bottom and feel like an imposter writing a book about hearing God’s voice when I  am just an ordinary Christian. To say that I feel inadequate was an understatement. Yet, God always choose the foolish to confound the wise and when I am weak, I am strong in His strength.


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Having taught more than 1000 people on hearing God’s voice, it became my passion to reach out to as many people as possible for hearing God’s voice.

One day, the heavenly Father spoke to me so gently, “My daughter, the reason I asked you to write a book on hearing God’s voice is because you are limited by time and space. It took you 5 years to speak to 1000 people. Can you imagine when you publish a book that include the same principles and activation that you have taught in your training, how many more people would be able to learn from the book. The book can reach people and nations that you can never dream of.

the beginning of an amazing adventure for me.

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i AM LOOKING FORWARD TO Taking others together with me in the adventure of hearing God’s voice. IT WILL BE BOTH FUN AND EXCITING AS WE REALISE THAT HEARING GOD’S VOICE IS EFFORTLESS!!

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This is the beginning of my journey in writing this first book. Going through this process of writing a book is both daunting and scary. It is like running a marathon and not sure when I will cross the finish line.  Sometimes it feels as if I am running on slow motion and  I wonder if I will ever finish the book. If left to my own device and thought, I would not want to write a book as it has taken so much of my time, my energy and more tears of frustration and feeling of inadequacy.  However, I am writing “Amazing adventures in hearing God’s voice” as a fragrant sacrifice and offering to my heavenly Father.<br>

I pray that you will enjoy this book and bring you to many adventures with your heavenly Father as it has brought me. Join me in further adventures in learning to hear His voice not just for yourself but for others as well.

There are at least 5 more books in the pipeline that I have already in my heart to write. In 2021, God has impressed upon my heart to write the next book – Amazing adventures in moving in the prophetic.” I can’t wait to share my next book with you and to bring you on another adventure together.